Hello. My name is Saira Khan. I am the owner and the principle dentist at Blackley Dental Practice. I graduated from Manchester University Dental School in 2003.

I enhanced my postgraduate training by working at hospitals providing advance and complex dental surgical treatments, working along some of the best oral surgeons in the UK,  as well as working at the Manchester dental hospital as a senior officer teaching dental students.

I returned to general practice in 2006, and took over Blackley Dental Practice in 2012.
My main areas of interest are surgically removing difficult teeth, short term orthodontics, cosmetic dental treatments and aesthetic medicine. I have been often informed by my patients that I make having teeth out a 'painless and stress free experience.'

I thoroughly enjoyed enhancing my cosmetic skills during my visit to America under the tutorship of the renown Dr Ronald Jackson, which was a valuable experience.
I am a recognised provider of short - term orthodontic procedures- Inman Aligners and Six month Smiles.
I am also a certified provider of anti-wrinkle treatments and have a keen interest in aesthetic medicine.
I am known for my gentle approach to patients and am good at putting them at ease. I have often been told that I give the most painless injections some of our patients had ever had which is why I find my job very rewarding.
I also have a passion for promoting oral health. It is very distressing to see young children with multiple holes in their teeth at a very young age and this promoted me to become a school "buddy dentist"
We at blackley dental practice are what we call a "buddy practice " for local schools. This involves visiting the schools and providing check ups for children at the school in their familiar environment.  We also provide advice and oral health education to these children and their parents.  We then continue their care at the practice.
I have also given talks to children at schools, giving tooth brushing  demonstations and providing them with toothpaste and tooth brushes.

I also spend some of my time involved in charity work. Blackley dental Practice is always involved with charity work. We donate 100percent of your money on home whitening to charity. This has enabled us to raise a lot of money which has benefited the homeless and orphans around the world.
All my staff have a keen interest in charity work and are always looking for new ways to raise money.

I spend most of my time in dentistry either hands or ensuring that our patients have a great experience at Blackley Dental Practice. When I am not working, I love spending time with my family especially my husband and my mischeivious two daughters.  I like exploring the world and dining out.
Hi, my name is Dr Mataras and I am a dental associate at Blackley Dental practice. I have worked at the practice for 3 years now. Since I graduated in 2005 I have worked in the field of general and cosmetic dentistry in several practices in the Manchester area. I have undertaken many courses in dentistry and I am very keen to learn about new techniques and dental procedures.

My Post-graduate training includes a Master of Science in Dental Specialties-Endodontics at the University of Manchester. I am also a certified provider of the Short Term Orthodontic system 'Six Month Smiles'.
In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, watching football and spending time with family and friends.
Hi, my name is Nicola and I am the Practice Manager at The Blackley Dental Practice I have been in this role since 2012. I am also registered with the GDC as I am a fully qualified dental nurse and have worked in the dental industry for many years.

My role is to ensure the day to day running of the practice runs smoothly and that the patients have a professional and positive experience at the practice. I am also in charge of organizing staff training to keep all staff members up to date.
In my spare time I like socializing with family and friends.